Thursday, October 3, 2013

Red Roof Logo Epidemic!

Usually my posts are quite tame and positive... but, holy cow, I am soooo tired of red roof logos in real estate. How could one possibly differentiate one from another? 3 peaks? No 4. Round windows? Nope, square. Shiny? yes! Chimneys? Yes, 3! It must be Joe's logo then! Found it!

The following are all winning and sold designs from a few contest sites. These were all found in 15 minutes - the are that prevalent!

If you are looking for a real estate logo, avoid the red roof like the measles! Find a unique design. I need to do another real estate post, but in the meantime - here are some stellar examples of unique and memorable logos for real estate! Here are some hand selected real estate logo...  No counting roof tops or windows required:

See lots more:

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